How to Download Music to Your iPhone Without Using iTunes

How to Download Music to Your iPhone Without Using iTunes

Why my iPhone won't download music? how to fix? We all know most iPhone users have these types of questions, mostly users wondering from where to download music to iPhone? And the first answer comes to mind is "iTunes" but if you are looking for any other option, I'll tell you an easy method that helps you to download music on your iPhone without iTunes.

In this post, you will learn with some easy steps on how you can download music on your iPhone completely for free on iOS 13, and yes this tutorial basically. only for iOS 13, but I'm also showing you some alternative ways not so conventional ways but, still they are working on the iOS 12 and bellow. Yeah, let's go ahead and get to the tutorial guys let me show you how you can do on iOS 13 right now.

So, what I said iOS 13 because apple finally listened to us and gave us a full-fledged download manager for the safari browser on iOS 13 and now you can download any types of files onto your device without any third-party solutions. So, in this case, we're gonna try to download no copyright music and of course, this tutorial is only for educational purposes and this kind of music the no copyright music is available for free on the internet for every user without any limitations.

Download music to your iPhone using Safari Browser

Yeah, you basically open Safari browser and search for any websites where you'd like to download music from and then it just selects the file in mp3 or just click the download button, after a click on the download button we've got some kind of prompt the native one from the iOS just click on the download and the download should appear on right corner in Download section.

So, if you cycle closely as you can see in the screenshot file is downloading. After completing the download we can proceed now to the part number two of this tutorial so, once the downloaded just Go back to the Home Screen > App Store >  and search for "Melodista Music Offline Player" Obviously we need a music player for playing that kind of music, it's one of the best Player out there.

After download and install the Music Player open the Player and click on the top right cloud button and then click on the Files app so, iOS 12 users you can actually import media from other sources such as the Dropbox, Google Drive or even iTunes from your computer, this is also available for iOS 12 and 13 users, but for now, we're just gonna focus on the files app because we are now making this tutorial more for the iOS 13 users.

So, click on the Files Apps and then we're gonna try to find that music and it should be somewhere appear in the Music Player and now you can finally go ahead and play that just clicks on the track you want to listen and of course, that should be playing.

 Apart from that of course that supports the lock screen controls as well as the backgrounds plays, So you don't need to turn on iPhone screen always you can turn off iPhone screen turns off and you will still control from you lock screen like paused, play or chose next track so it's a full-fledged player available to you play any tracks.

I think that should be pretty much it for today if you guys like that's kind of a music player definitely be sure to share this post so, they'll be super much appreciated and also let me know in the comment box what would you like to see in this player you gonna be using this or any features you'd like to see in this player. I hope to see you around my next one and peace out.

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