Top 5 Best Torrent Sites in 2020

Top 5 Best Torrent Sites in 2020

Let's talk about torrents. I got five free websites that you can go to today without having to sign up for anything it's a hundred percent for free to make assured you want to stay protected to continue obtaining these websites. These Best Torrent Sites are 100% free for use but it's up to you is up to your own discretion for sure that you are protected. You want to change the IP address before reviewing anything.

This post might benefit you if you're looking to get 4K movies, TV shows any type of content that you want to watch online. If you are looking for your favorite content to add plex server you're just creating a large amount of media collection so you can have access to videos instant playback it's the way to go these days is instant playback.

So if you have a uTorrent, BitTorrent, or even transmission these are the platforms that you can really download the file from torrent and download the content to your guyses device.

Get Yourself A VPN

Before we do anything make sure to go down and get yourself a VPN. What does the VPN do and why do you need one so a V-P-N allows you where you can move your Internet users to a practical location so your internet assistance provider can't see or track your internet usage, for example, I live in the UK but with VPN my traffic will be going through any other country like the USA or any other country.

So turn on the VPN as I use IPVANISH it's super simple. Before we do anything with torrents turn on the VPN just hidden I'm telling you later so you know definitely when you are downloading stuff the internet service provider won't see anything so turn that sucker on and let's go ahead and look up the first Best Torrent Site

1. Zooqle 


Zooqle is a great one to get 4K content so this site you can't actually subscribe to RSS feed, the RSS feed is where you can give save beloved television shows and it's gonna notify you when new episodes are available and you can be downloaded add it to your server and all is done.

So just search anything, for example, WWE Friday Night Smackdown and you will see where the sources how the other users seeding it, what is the size of the file is, help what's the size of the actual video also you will find the quality of the video for, example 720p or 1080p.

For downloading the torrent file just click on the file you want to download you might get a pop-up so that's why you have your VPN. Just right click on the data you want to download there will be a list just click on the copy link location and then paste it to the transmission and tick open transmissions gonna find it where would you like to download the file.

So that's how simple it's all. You can also find 3D content or 4K content with a lot of seeds that means a lot of people sharing the same file so it will download on to your transmission super quick.

2. YTS 

The second website we're going to talk about is the famous YTS  now YTS changed their domain all the time you see whitey essays AG, AM now it's MX so again I'm gonna leave this available on this post so you can always find it so always bookmark these whitey s has been around for a long time.

I don't believe that these are the original people I believe that is a fork from the original project the original people did get in trouble at one point so I believe that is a kick-up project and kind of like they rebranded to make it look like whitey s. But it works just like the original one so on you can also find 4k content. Find anything you want, for example, Toy Story 4 it's gonna bring up all the other ones so this is a great way to be able to grab all these. You can put content on your plex and able to watch the content including instant play.

3. 1337X


The third website we are going to look at is 1337X. So I'm gonna show you exactly what to look for so that way you guys can avoid downloading harmful software and be able to cruise through this website with ease so the number on we're going to straight into the homepage of this website.

We have a tab section all the way at the top this tab section consists of the full homepage to top 100, trending, upload, register, and login also you guys choose to register with this site you will open any additional added features, for instance, reflecting on torrents and some additional features that normal users did not have an account you do not need to make an account and you can remain unidentified to use this site.

How to download from this site you merely search your required content click on the one that you want to send you and you can download the magnet download, torrent download or you can stream it again when you want to download this hover over the magnet download copy super simple the reason why it was read like that when it's red it's still searching so it's gonna find all that it's needs to discover and later it's gonna download. Once it's done green color will appear later that go forward and delete it because you then have the file unless you want to deliver tribute back to other torrents and seed it where people can download easily.

4. The Pirate Bay


The fourth website is gonna be of course the famous Pirate Bay. Before downloading torrent files from this website you really shouldn't miss and that is again to download a premium VPN the VPN I used is IPVANISH as I already mentioned above I've been using it for like two years now and I've been very happy with the service.

This website is known to have not the best links but it's going to have a good variety give plenty of stuff. But if you're ever looking for like UFC you can highlight UFC video pirate search and it's got almost 1,800 seeds already so but to download you're just gonna click get this torrent again right-click and you'll be able to get that a great way able to find content and we let that one because I need to update my other scheme 😎.   



The final site but this is a great one it's been around a long time but you can download definitely just because it does have a lot of pop-ups that just want to give you guys a little bit of warning like a CAPTCHA code that you need to must enter and then it gives you access it.

I just want to make sure that no BOTS are connecting to this website it's not my favorite but it's arranged a great quality of stuff. Where a user can search for stuff it does have a lot of pop-ups so that's why you want your VPN on.

Then find the magnet the magnets gonna be in the left corner just click on the magnet and if you want to add it to your desktop and then your content will start downloading.  

 That is 1,2,3,4 & 5 that is 5 Best Torrent Sites that you can use for a torrent teen I hope this post will help you find Best Torrent Site.

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