WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2020 April [AXN ROCKER]

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2020 April [AXN ROCKER]

Almost everyone has WhatsApp on our mobile phones. But do we use WhatsApp function potential? You don't want to show your chats to anybody? Do you want to show yourself invisible in your contact list? You can learn many hacks by just have a look at the setting tab. Here are some WhatsApp tips and tricks 2020  you should know.

 1. Invisible Yourself In WhatsApp

If you don't want everybody to check your status, see you online, pictures or account information use the following steps:

Android Users: Go to Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy. Change the setting of your data visibility.

IOS Users: Go to Setting > Privacy Tab and change your setting.


2. Highlight Messages

Now you can make your text messages with Italic, Bold and Strikethrough in chats. For Italic text message write the underscore both sides of your _text_.

If you want to type Bold text in the chatbox just put the star key both sides of your *text* Use twiddles both sides your ~text~ for Strikethrough message. 

3. Send A Group Message Without A Group Chat

Go to Chats > Menu > New broadcast then press the "+" or you can enter the names of receivers.

This message will be delivered to every contact you have chosen also all the contacts will get the message in the same way. Their replies can be seen only by you not the other contacts on the list. 


4. Save The Storage Capacity

While using WhatsApp all of your media files automatically saves. But it gains the memory storage of your cellphone and you won't miss installing any other app you want to install.

So you can easily turn off the autosave in the app settings. Android users should get to Setting > Data Usage then uncheck the unnecessary parameters of downloading. IOS users should go to Setting > Data and Storage Usage > Media. 


5. Check who else read your WhatsApp Messages

Go to Settings > WhatsApp/Desktop after that app will invite you to open the web.whatsapp link, scan the QR code and open your profile on your desktop, if you successfully open your profile on your desktop it means no one else reads your messages from their desktop using WhatsApp web.

If you see any list of open sessions like connections or a Computer tab that has nothing with your WhatsApp activity, it means someone else reading your chats and profile. 


6. Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp (Only For Android)

If you have seen a message in chatbox "This message was deleted" and wondered what was the message? If you want to see the content this trick will be very helpful for you. For this trick, we need a third-party Android app which is called Notification History you can install this app from the Play Store for free with ads. After installed, the app will automatically keep a record of all of your notifications including Whatsapp notifications.

Even if the sender removes the message from the conversation chatbox but all messages will surely be saved in your Notification History app. You can easily read the messages whenever you want.

7. Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number

This is one of my best from WhatsApp tips and tricks 2020,  follow the steps below.

  •  First, delete the Whatsapp from the cellphone 
  •  Install again Whatsapp in your mobile  
  •  After that turn on the flight mode
  •  Download and install Spoof Messages app from PlayStore
  •  Keep Installing the process
  •  it will not in the position to verify you through the  internet and it will provide you the option to select other SMS methods  
  •  Now submit the email and choose to assess SMS
  •  Click the cancel button without waiting anymore and authorization process stop 
  •  Now open your Spoof Messages app and the following details

To: 449800745898

From: Country code & Sim Number

Message: Email Id

Now it will verify your Whatsapp and you are ready to use.

8. Monitor Someone Whatsapp on Your Mobile

  •  Borrow Android phone from the person which you want to spy
  •  Go to Settings > About Phone > Status > WiFi MAC Address
  •  Note somewhere the Mac Address. Keep the mobile phone for a couple of extra minutes  
  •  Now use your mobile and Unistanll the Whatsapp from the phone
  •  Change your Mac id for your friend's by spoofing mac
  •  Now again download and install the Whatsapp on your phone. Whatsapp will send a verification code for your friend's mobile phone

Now verify your Whatsapp via the verification code which is sent to your friend's mobile phone.

You have the same copy of your friend's Whatsapp. Whatever that person going to do, you can easily track it using your mobile phone. It will be helpful for parents. Don't use this for illegal purposes.   

 9. Restore Your Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

  • Connect your mobile phone with PC or laptop via USB cable
  • Go to Folder which is called Whatsapp/Databases
  • Find two files from the folder named msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt
  • These files have all of your messages which are sent or received from the last seven days
  • You can open these files using notepad or WordPad to browse all of your messages

10. Create Shortcuts For Contacts on Android Home Screen


  • Do you know it's a very simple method to produce a contact shortcut on your mobile phone desktop?
  • Click on the contact you want to add on the home screen for a couple of seconds until a menu will popup 
  • You will find choose Add Conversation Shortcut
  • That's it your home screen shortcut is produced

11. Send a Note All of Your Friends at Same Time



  • If you want to send a message to all of your friends at the time you can do this using the Whatsapp broadcast feature
  • For this purpose, you need to create a show list of your contacts
  • Once the list is ready, just visit the new show and send a message 
  • There is a condition, the part of your broadcast must have your mobile number on their phone

12. Create Your Sticker to Use in WhatsApp



If you want more sticker packs in WhatsApp and the sticker pack in WhatsApp are not enough for you, Use this trick and make your stickers which can be used in WhatsApp. For this purpose, you just need to install an application called "Sticker Maker" using this app you can create any type of sticker for your picture and explore to WhatsApp easily.

13. Send Private Messages in Groups



Another WhatsApp cool trick that might be helpful for you is to send the private message in a group chat. This can be very helpful when you want to send a message to a specific person in the group but don't want to let other people read your reply. For this purpose, you just click on the message for a couple of seconds which you want to send then click on the three dots option which is placed on the right side then click on "Reply Privately"

14. Share Your Location With Your WhatsApp Friend

This feature can be used in the situation when lost and likely to meet someone or your friend. For this purpose, you can share your current location on WhatsApp with your friend to trace you.
  • Just click on the attachment button same as you send photos & video library, document, and contact you just click on "location"
  • Note, you must have Gps navigation enabled for doing this action

15. Block or Mute Annoying Chats on WhatsApp

As you know WhatsApp doesn't work on username it means anyone who has to save your number on the phone can send you a message. As a result, you have a long list of spam messages in your WhatsApp. 

To avoid such spam messages, you can use two cool WhatsApp features mute and block.

How to Mute

You can mute group chats or individual chat notifications for some specified time. You will still send or received messages but whenever you received such messages your phone will never make a sound or vibrate.
  • Tab on the chat you want to mute 
  • Press the Options button then tab on Mute
  • Select length of time you want to mute notifications for and tab ok
  • iPhone users can do this just swipe left on the chat then click on Mute button

How to Block

  • Go to chat which you want to block, tap on three-dot icon click on the More button
  • Click on the Block button after that one more pop up will appear just click on the Block that's it
  • For unblock the contacts just Go to > Setting > Account > Privacy > Block contacts just click on the unblock which contact you want to unblock from the list

Are you going to try these amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks 2020? Leave a comment below. I hope these WhatsApp tips and tricks 2020 will blow your mind.

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