Best Android Apps of 2020! You Should Try [AXN ROCKER]

Best Android Apps of 2020! You Should Try [AXN ROCKER]

The month of March 2020 is coming to an end meaning we need to reflect on 10 of our Best Android apps to hit the Play Store during the month.

Top 10 Best Android Apps of 2020

1. Type Wise


Type Wise is what the developers are calling the first keyboard specifically designed for smartphones it uses a hexagon layout where keys are 72 percent larger than QWERTY keyboards making typing much more comfortable to hit and reducing typos by 80 percent the app features gesture support swipe up to capitalize letters, for delete swipe left and for restore swipe right.

There's also a bunch of languages supported by the app I believe there are over 40 different languages so if you're down for a new keyboard with a slight learning curve you should check out type wise.

Definitely Type Wise is on number one position in the Best Android Apps list. 

2. Audio Manager


Audio Manager is a tool that aims to automatically adjust your phone's volumes and ringtones without you having to do anything you can schedule a time for your volumes and ringtones to be automatically adjusted and the pro mode lets you adjust your volumes based on your location.

So if you're going to school you can mute notification volumes while still allowing alarms or you can you drink tones when arriving at work and so on it's a pretty neat app to have.
Definitely, Audion Manger has the number 2 position in the Best Android Apps list. 

3. Traffix 3D


Traffix 3D is a traffic management simulation game where you have to control traffic and avoid accidents by holding your finger on the screen and letting the cars pass through the traffic lights as you can imagine it gets more difficult as time goes on and more cars are introduced if you just let a single crash happen you'll have to restart the level so it definitely takes some patience and good timing to advance to the next level.

4. Steno Notes


Steno Notes is a beautifully minimalistic app designed to encourage creativity and eliminate distraction while the app is an early release the current features of this note-taking app include the ability to quickly add delete and edit notes there's a dark mode there's an undo feature you can organize your content with hashtags which is really cool and with that comes the ability to search for your notes you can search for those hashtags or you can filter your notes by folder and you can label them you should check out steno if you're looking for a new note-taking app.

Rate this app if you think Steno Notes is really in the top 10 Best Android Apps list.

5. Colartive


Colartive is one of two wallpaper apps we have for you this month you start by selecting a design and then you select the colors you like and the color the combination then you can customize your selection by swiping and dragging things around as you can create some really beautiful wallpapers with really unique designs that I think you'll really enjoy.

I've really enjoyed them and they work great for OLED displays that really look great with a black background this app is definitely worth looking into.

6. Swift Wall


Swift Wall is the other wallpaper app it's a wallpaper manager that will help you customize your wallpapers to make them dark and light static or animated you can add various filters super easily and there's a bunch of wallpapers to scroll through and choose from just like Colartive  if you like what you see you gotta check out this app it's called Swift wall wallpaper manager.

7. Age of Civilizations II Europe


Age of civilizations to Europe is a strategy game where you have to use military tactics and cunning diplomacy to either unify the world or conquer it the timeline ranges from the age of civilizations to the distant future you can create peace treaties you can start revolutions and you can explore various terrain types it's a lot like the game civilization you've probably heard of it so if you like that game you should enjoy this one.

8. Listle


Listle is a news app that offers a huge selection of high-quality audio versions of news articles all narrated by real people new curated stories are added every single morning and they range from thought-provoking to everlasting blog posts you got tech politics science startups and more topics that you can read through or listen through this is a must-have for news junkies as well as people who frequently listen to podcasts I've seen a lot of audio-based news apps but this is really neat since it features human narrated news articles.

9. FairEmail


FairEmail is an email client with a heavy focus on privacy it's 100% open source it features encryption and decryption it requires you to confirm showing images and opening links to prevent tracking and phishing it'll even warn you if it can't authenticate messages that you receive but fun doesn't really stop there the app also supports unlimited Gmail Outlook and yahoo accounts.

So all of your accounts should be supported with this app you got unlimited email addresses it features a unified inbox so all of your mail will be at one location it doesn't use much data it's pretty easy on battery life it's an all-around great email client that's worth checking out especially if you value your privacy.

10. Roll a Ball


Roll A Ball is a super fun addicting game with a very simple objective you have to slide your thumb on the screen to adjust the position of each platform to get the ball to roll on to the next platform reaching a new platform will increase your score and spawn a new path on the left or right-hand side it's one of those games where you have to try and just beat your high score perfect for when you're waiting in a doctor's office or on the bus it's frustrating it's addictive but most importantly it's fun.

With that last one those are ten of our favorite Best Android apps to hit the Play Store during 2020 if you enjoyed this post please share this post if you're brand new and let us know which app is your favorite and comment down below as always.
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