Top 10 Best Android Games 2020 [AXN ROCKER]

Top 10 Best Android Games 2020 [AXN ROCKER]

March 2020 was a great month for mobile games if you are looking for the Best Android Games 2020 you're in the right place. Everybody knows there is a huge increment in android users day by day and they have the best source of Social media, different platforms, and of course gaming.
Today I'm going to ranks the 10 Best Android Games 2020.

Best Android Games 2020




Number one is Dragon Quest of The Stars a game that bills itself as an adventure RPG this game is pretty dam good you can play it basically like any RPG alone you can also find other people to do co-op the battle system in it is turn-based it calls itself the skill gauge battle system.

It takes about three seconds to understand what's going on you have a skill gauge that builds and what you can do is affected by it there's all right character customization it's not gonna blow your mind.

It's nice to have though because you get some element of the ability to affect what you look like in-game and overall this is just a really fun enjoyable thing it's really well-made if you've played a Dragon Quest it's very close to that thankfully and Dragon Quest of The Stars is out on iOS and Android.

 2. Dragon Raja


Number two is Dragon Raja a fantasy open-world MMORPG that was created on the Unreal Engine and it is absolutely gorgeous it is well beyond what you would expect from a mobile game and I'm gonna go ahead and say that what you would normally expect from an MMORPG on mobile.

It's all pretty much here except for it's much more pretty with a lot of attention spent on detail not only to the graphics but also to things like the movement.

It's a game that does movement really well it feels really responsive it's a game that manages to feel kind of intimate while being a big very large-scale MMORPG and it really accomplishes a lot that we just really haven't seen before that being said is there really anything particularly innovative outside of the graphics and presentation and overall feel of the game maybe not it is a lot of fun combat is quite good actually although.

There is auto-combat as well and there's more than enough here to say if you like mobile MMORPGs is basically the Rolls-Royce of it at the moment play dragon Raja on iOS and Android.

3. World War Doh: Real-Time PvP


Number three is World War Doh as in play-doh but I don't think it's an officially licensed play-doh game in any way shape or form that's what it's trying to evoke.

This is a real-time strategy card collecting clash royale ish game now it does bring in a lot of different elements to the game a lot of unique buildings stuff like that and the aesthetic is certainly different than anything else you've seen in this genre basically I would say that the main reason to play this is that it's kind of a clash Royale type game with a lot of different heroes and buildings.

It's not totally unlike it but it's not a ripoff either it's a lot of fun I enjoyed it World War Doh is out on iOS and Android.



Number four is Lucid Adventure. This game is more or less an idle RPG it's got some pretty basic battling but with the Auto battler, it's fine you're not really playing this game for that which is why the game makes you earn the Auto battling and they know once you get it as far as what an idol RPG can be.

It's a very good example of that it's more or less on top of those things a hero collector and it has a lot of fun heroes some very silly ones and a lot of overall enjoyable moments.

My only complaints that I can really levy are things that are not exclusive to this game if you don't like drones you're not gonna like this game is that simple I'm lukewarm towards them and I found myself enjoying this one more than the average one so as far as I'm concerned that's probably a pretty big win for the game Lucid Adventure is out on iOS and Android.

5. Dadish


Number 5 is Dadish which is a platformer game where you play as a radish who is also a dad who has lost his kids it is perhaps the most wholesome concept for a game ever.

It also has an art style that reflects that wholesomeness now I think the best way to describe this game is if you took a slow-paced super meat boy and combined it with Super Mario World and this combination works really well.

I personally really enjoyed playing a game that felt a lot like Super Mario World but with more of a puzzle platforming focus again it's extremely wholesome it's not something that you're gonna be confused by is not astoundingly hard at least as far as I've gotten in it but it's extremely fun it's pleasant it's got great music I mean there's really no downside to it.

It's a good game it's got ads in it who cares though dad-ish is a lot of fun and it's out on iOS and Android.

6. Kick-Flight


Number 6 is Kick Flight a game where you fly around and fight with swords in the air the game builds itself is three-dimensional aerial action and I would say that it delivers on that essentially.

It's a four versus four real-time battle and although the controls are a little bit wonky as in not necessarily explainable in under a minute wonky once you get used to them the game is incredibly fun.

This month we did get a couple of games that are just good examples of an established genre but we've also got a couple of games like this where it's definitely not something I can easily compare to something else I mean the art style looks a little bit like Kingdom Hearts but no one is gonna call this game a Kingdom Hearts clone.

Again it's four versus four real-time battles it's pretty fast-paced it's not confusing it's well laid out progression seems fair I mean all in all it's really hard not to give Kick Flight some serious prompts so check it out on iOS and Android.

7. Overdrive City


Number 7 is Overdrive City a card slash city building tycoon game that honestly like I don't know exactly what they're going for with this but it's actually a lot of fun like there's no town other than the one in the movie Cars that are completely centered around cars.

And that's the town you have to build the except for the cars are not anthropomorphic or alive or able to talk or anything like that which if you ask me is actually quite helpful on account that aspect of the movie cars is and so the point is to build and collect cars you build factories they build cars you build other structures that improve various aspects of your production cycle.

And it features a bunch of actually licensed real cars one minor criticism it can get a bit slow but that's fine it's not the worst it does have enough charm that accused me around like my final comment is basically this is a car-themed city builder which is weirdly refreshing it's very silly Overdrive City is out on iOS and Android.

8. Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate


Number 8 is Crystalborn Heroes of Faith a strategy RPG that honestly I'm not gonna say is gonna light the world on fire anything but this is a very competent JRPG gotcha strategy hybrid it just does things in a way that's significantly less irritating than a lot of these types of games.

It's very clear that quality of life is something that was prioritized during the development of this there are not massive amounts of time in between when you can unlock a chest, for instance, the battles aren't a million taps the story is very minimal and in this type of a game where there's a large number of things to do and the expectation is that the story probably isn't going to be that good anyway they kind of just let you play the game.

I mean it's a gotcha game on your phone it doesn't overestimate its own importance in your life and because of that, it's a much more pleasant experience than a lot of other games in the genre I would say fans of the genre definitely need to check this out crystal born here as if a is enjoyable and out on both iOS and Android.

9. The House of Da Vinci 2


Number nine is The House of Da Vinci a 3d puzzle adventure along the lines of the room games it does actually have a story it's not quite as polished as the room games however it is a good story
I haven't beaten it but I will say I will I enjoy it enough that I'm not gonna put it down The House of Da Vinci - is out on iOS and Android now for $4.99.


10. THE LAST REMNANT Remastered


Finally perhaps one of the best ones on here is The Last Remnant Remastered this is one of those games that just never really got the attention it deserved it's a square-Enix RPG from the ps3 era that's heavy on the otherworldly charm if you like Square Enix RPGs it's a must buy it's $20 it's out on iOS and Android now as well and that's it what did you play this month on mobile.

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