How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode! [AXN ROCKER]

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode! [AXN ROCKER]

Finally, WhatsApp dark mode is here and it's awesome guys, we've been waiting so long for this and what's up you guys came through so in this post not only am I going to show you how it looks but also how to activate it on iPhone and Android devices.

I also have a couple of free dark mode wallpapers for you guys so stay in till the end to check those out but let's get into it. 

By now I'm sure you guys know this is how WhatsApp has always looked but this new dark mode update looks really really good so as you can see it is totally identical in every other way and what I like what they did is the message bubbles obviously have a darker color and did not stay a bright white and green.



So if you have an iPhone and you're on iOS 13 activating dark mode is really simple. Go to > Settings > Display & Brightness > Click on Dark Tab

All you do is swipe down on the control panel and activate your phone's dark mode and then just like that it switches your whatsapp over to the dark mode. So you can enjoy easy peasy lemon squeezy also if you're on an iPhone take note of this background wallpaper it actually routes.



Then with Android, however, it is a bit different so if you swipe down on your notification panel and toggle on the dark mode you might find that when you go back to WhatsApp it hasn't changed over.

If that is the case then first up click on those three dots in the top right-hand corner and head on over to settings once in settings you're going to select the chat section and right at the top, you'll see this theme option if however, you don't see the theme option then you just have some updating.


Update WhatsApp

To do the first thing to try is head on over to the Play Store and then under the search section of course type WhatsApp once there you will either see an open button or an update button and of course if you see the update button then go ahead click it and update.


Update Android Version

If the WhatsApp dark mode didn't work while update your WhatsApp you should update your mobile phone Android Version.

What you need to do is open up your application menu and hit it over to your settings either you will see a software update prompt straight away and if you don't see that then I just suggest scrolling to the bottom until you see software updates tap on that and if you see a download and installation is available then go ahead and update your phone once all of that is done and then swipe down on your notifications panel again and toggle on dark mode and just have a look if your WhatsApp changes to dark mode.


After You Enable

So once everything is enabled WhatsApp dark mode shows the chat they've actually kept the exact same wallpaper but of course changed it over to dark mode and then what it looks like if you send a voice note.

If you open up the keyboard and want to send a sticker what that looks like and as you would expect it's very typical of a dark mode theme just on WhatsApp.


Free Wallpaper

What is it the new WhatsApp dark mode without some dark inspired wallpapers.

I created four different styles for you guys and I ran a kind of dark WhatsApp green color through all of them.

I really hope you guys love these as much as I did creating them for you so let me know guys are you a fan of WhatsApp dark mode are you going to be using it let me know down in the comments section but if you enjoyed this post don't forget to share.    
How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode! [AXN ROCKER]  How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode! [AXN ROCKER] Reviewed by Faisal on March 12, 2020 Rating: 5

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