Top 6 Best Free Websites to Watch Movies Online in 2020

Top 6 Best Free Websites to Watch Movies Online in 2020

Hello readers and welcome to AxnRocker don't have enough money? for a proper streaming service like Amazon or Netflix don't worry several websites on the internet give free tv shows and movies, and that too legally.

We all love to watch movies, but nothing beats to watch free movies online. Today we're looking at the best free online movie websites that you can watch movies on in 2020.

Just imagine the condition, you’ve just completed a series and you’ve consumed the list of movies that you desired to watch. You’ll not understand what to do with your life than right?

So, for such conditions, and several others, we bring to you a list of various websites with several collections of completely free movies and tv shows. And the most marvelous is that all these websites are legal so you don't have to feel guilty about watching something for free.

6 Best Free Websites to Watch Movies Online


1. Crackle



The first website on the list is Crackle. It is owned by Sony you can watch some great TV shows and movies here. Their marvelous collection is what does Crackle is one of the best sites on the list. They have movies such as Monster Trucks and Good Bones, and TV series such as Games of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

You should now be ready to watch some commercials and you will be good to go. There are some points to be seen here. Crackle only works in the USA. But the users in other countries of the world can reach it using any safe and good VPN. I also using a VPN right now to watch movies online.

Another feature is that this a streaming website, you can stream any Video on Request but you can't download movies. Now aside from famous ones, Crackle also owns its original TV shows and movies which you can also watch for free. And they also have the app for iTunes and Play Store.

All in, Crackle is a total package for binge-watching free TV Shows and movies.

2. PlutoTV



The second website is, PlutoTV this website is just like a TV they have the interface of a TV so the shows run live but therefore you only stream the content, you cannot download anything.

Remember, they also hold the option of Video on request which has a very effective collection. They have 70+ TV channels showing different content. There are drama, thriller, comedy and even documentaries.

Their movie channels are also excellent. The only catch is that they keep renewing their collection and so you cannot have a track of which movies will be available the following week. The collection is anyway excellent with movies such as Doctor Sleep and Leto.

PlutoTV works in the US but can create problems in other places in the world. So the most suitable solution would be, to use a free VPN. They also have apps running around all platforms.

The interface is clean and stable and that makes the experience even better.

3. Hotstar



Now that we’ve talked about websites that work well in the USA, let’s talk about a website that is performing well in India.

Hotstar is a video on demand website that relates to Star India. Now people who are outside India will have to access Hotstar with the help of a VPN. They have a wide collection of TV shows and free Hindi online movies such as Housefull 2 and Hero.

You can also watch live news, comedy series and sports. They also have movies in different languages, including Telugu, English, and Malayalam, etc. You cannot download the latest content on Hotstar but some older movies can be downloaded. Also, their apps on iTunes and PlayStore are very well-designed and can give you an excellent viewing experience. The Premium membership will surely open up many more opportunities, but there is surely quite free content to make you come back to Hotstar again and again.

4. Retrovision




The fourth website is RETROVISION, the people who love the classics, it's the best platform for those people. It has a vast selection of some marvelous classic TV shows and movies such as Sherlock Holmes and Godzilla. The best thing about Retrovision is a genre-specific menu.

This categorization gives it very mild to browse within the website. Another excellent thing is that this website can be reached from anywhere in the world, it’s not location-specific.

It’s a streaming site but you cannot download any content from the site. The Android app is called Classic UHF. You should surely try Retrovision if you’re a follower of Classics.

5. PopcornFlix



The 5th website is PopcornFlix. First of all, let me appreciate the name of the website, PopcornFlix is the cool name it has got my heart with its name.

It’s got unlimited amazing tv shows and movies such as the Paddington Bear and The Adventures of Tintin.

The classes include romance, comedy,  drama, action, etc. You get the meaning, it includes nearly every class possible. One thing you must keep in mind is the advertisements, you’ll have to deal with them to be ready to watch the content on the site.

It's controlled by Screen Media Ventures and even though it was originally available only in the Canada and US, it lately started in 35 more countries. Sadly, most of its content still not available in India, so again free VPN is for us. You cannot download any content from the site, you can watch the content.

One especially attractive thing is this comment box. You can place down comments for special moments in the movie and there’s also an opportunity to set up GIFs. They have apps on iTunes and AppStore.

I must say that Popcornflix is a great choice to watch online movies and legal content on the internet.

6. YouTube (Movies channel)




And last and number six in the list, the most famous platform for videos, tv shows and movies YouTube. You might not know this, but there are many ideas in which you can watch online movies and tv shows on YouTube.

Just go to the movies section and browse for the collection of free, ad-supported movies. This part was lately made free but only in the USA.

Again you can use free VPN on these free movies. Apart from that, there are multiple other channels that upload some good movies and Tv shows from time to time. But the trick is that you’ll have to be good at exploring for them. And if you’re a dull bum who’s not willing to put in a lot of trouble, here are some names to kick start your search - there’s  Popcornflix Maverick Entertainment, Viewster, the channel on YouTube.

As everybody knows about the great app that YouTube has on Play Store as well as the App Store. You can easily download content from YouTube. So that means you can use the content anytime, anywhere.

We surely expect that you liked this post and got to know of some online movie websites where you can watch online movies and tv shows for free. If you know of some extra websites, do specify their names in the comment box.
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