Top 6 Micro Job Sites That Pays up to $3 Per Click [AXN ROCKER]

Top 6 Micro Job Sites That Pays up to $3 Per Click [AXN ROCKER]

Hello welcomes back in my new post I'm actually going to share with you six micro job websites to make money online so I'm going to share with you seven different free sites where you can sign up with that can pay you anywhere from just a couple cents 10 cents and even up to $3 just by clicking on different offers and participating and only take a couple of minutes of your time.

6 Make Money Online Sites




Number one is PicoWorkers so I might have shared a couple of these before but a lot of these are new and they'll allow you to literally earn money just by clicking on offers.

So what PicWorkers do, they connect you with people who have big influences and they just need traction they need the traffic to their website to their offers to help them boost their social media platforms and maybe different sweepstakes that people can participate in sometimes taking surveys giving your opinion things like this right so a very simple work and it can be done pretty much worldwide based on which website you go for so PicoWorkers here right allows you to participate in tasks that will pay you you know 12 cents 7 cents 4 cents 2 cents even you know on average about 10 cents.




Number two is MicroWokrers. They have all sorts of different jobs you can see them on your dashboard after signup.

If you can speak more than one language sometimes it is gonna be translating work and stuff like that.

Phone call surveys testing applications on your phone all sorts of different stuff loads and loads of different things guys check out the website's sign up for them.

I recommend signing up for every single one of these micro job websites because they're all gonna have different jobs posted on them sometimes you can't do some jobs on one website you can go over to the other one and do the jobs on that website instead.

They don't pay huge amounts there are micro jobs there very small jobs and they don't pay a lot but guys if you want to work from home this is a really nice opportunity and most of these websites will hire anyone from any country as long as you can actually do the work.

They don't care where you're from so this is a worldwide method right here so this is the best website to make money online.



This is exactly the same as the previous one that I showed you it's just a different website with different jobs on it like I said sign up for all of them and you're gonna have an endless amount of jobs to complete.

You can scroll through and you will get a list of all the different jobs that are available for you and them to pay very small amounts like up to fifty cents some of them pay like more like one dollar and fifty cents around there but most of them are about 20 30 40 50 cents.

They don't pay a lot but they are very very easy like I said the jobs take just a couple of minutes so if you do a lot of these per day the money will build up and you could complete a lot in a day.

Just to participate in something you register for something you take a survey or watch a video simple stuff like this and just the same you know I think you can do by Most Paying yeah you can filter it from your dashboard and you will get most best-paying jobs on your dashboard which gives you up to $3.



The website that I want to show you website number four is gonna be Amazon Mechanical Turk you can find out MTurk this website exactly the same they are going to be completing micro jobs how you recommend coming over to this website and seeing and signing up and seeing what jobs are available on your dashboard.

This is from Amazon themselves this is actually Amazon the massive company this is their website they run this okay so check this one out how you recommend it obviously it's a very reputable company Amazon so they have some really professional jobs on this site.




This is one of the most popular ones you might have here this one before this is called ClickWorker.
Clickworker is always looking for Internet users worldwide who can, for example, create or correct text participate in surveys or search and categorize data.

So all you gotta do is sign up as a click worker it's free of charge like all of these websites they're all free to start your work independently your schedule is flexible and all you need is a computer and or mobile device with an internet connection.

So you decide when and how much you work just like all of these website guys you accept whatever jobs that you want one of the ones you can complete you can accept those and you can work whatever hours that you want to so guys this is another website which offers to make a decent earning online.

6.Spare 5


Number five which is Spare 5, earn money in your spare time with free web and mobile apps so they have a mobile version you just sign up and again you participate in different tasks.

This one's cool because you'll be able to do things like look at images and what you're helping this system do is help it the software understand what's on the image.

Like you know you can draw some little dots around the person and then right shirt so the software learns what it sees and it knows that this is a shirt, this is a person, this is a dog, this is landscape, this is mountains, clouds, see you're just circling images this is simple stuff you can participate in again go sign up it's free.

Let me know if you found value on this give me a thumbs up and real appreciate it let me know in the comments which one works best for you and go out there take action make some money and with that being said I look forward to seeing you here in the next post so stay tuned readers and I wish you phenomenal success.

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