How To Start a Youtube Channel in 2020 For Beginner

How To Start a Youtube Channel in 2020 For Beginner

Hello friends, in this post I will tell you how to start your own successful YouTube channel many people have this question that we have created a channel but we do not promote the channel. In this post, you will find a lot of information whether you are already running a YouTube channel or not.

Choose Topic For YouTube Channel


Many people have a question that we do not have a topic for how to start a YouTube channel let me tell you here, first you have to see for yourself what you can do? you don't see that there is a very good entertainer or a prankster or there is a very good Vlogger and I want to be like that. 

If you have the advantage that you can voice over and then you can come to this field if you guys are good at cooking or are good at exercise or are good at having fun you guys find your strengths in yourself. 

If you think you are a useless person and you can't do anything then look at the people around you and see what they are doing. For example, there is a blacksmith in your neighborhood you can go to his shop and make videos you can ask this blacksmith if you are making anything, can I make a video of it, he will be very happy and will allow you. If you start uploading videos like this, you will succeed very quickly because things like this are unique. 

Then comes your own home. You have to see what your father is an expert at if you think you're useless, you can make your dad a YouTube channel. 

Do you guys have to see in your family what they can do what topics do they specialize in? Do they know how to sew or do they make good food? whatever they are experts in, you have to make them a channel on this topic. 

Then you don't have to look at someone's channel that has six million subscribers, you have to look at your channel when you are creating a channel, it means that you are starting a new business and just like a business is taken seriously, just like business is given time, so you have to give time to your YouTube channel. 

Why you are on Youtube



Why did you guys come to YouTube? I want you guys to be a branded person, to know you too, to get to know you One thing you must have noticed is many big TV stars, celebrities are making channels on YouTube these days, the question here is that if those people are making so much money from TV and film industry, then What they need to do is create a channel on YouTube. 

One of the main reasons for this is that TV is not available everywhere, but YouTube is everywhere on mobile laptops or computers anybody can use Youtube from anywhere.



One thing that comes up here is that if you don't have any skills of any kind, then what are you going to do now? So, first of all, you have to look at your job to see what you do or you work in a government agency or you have a shop you start teaching people the same thing. There are many channels on YouTube that guide people about business. When you start teaching people through videos you will get the following benefits. 
  1.  One is that your identity will begin to come to them
  2.  The second is that it will become your brand
  3.  You guys will find clients
  4.  The money will start coming from YouTube
  5.  Your tension will begin to subside

How to Successful on YouTube


Do most people think that if there are already many channels on YouTube, then how can our channel be successful? Many people question that there are already a lot of people working on the topic we select. 

The answer is that if you have mastered a topic, you must work on it. For example, if I have mastered the education, I will make videos on education I will not make videos on cooking. You must first determine what field you are an expert in and then we have to see how many channels there are already and what are their mistakes and what videos they upload. 

Learn from their mistakes and upload good content If you provide good content to people, people will follow you quickly you have to find flaws on other channels by staying within your topic. 

Also, have to watch the good videos of these channels so that you can know what people like.

For example, I make a video titled “How to make money online” the response to this video has been good but if you are an expert in this topic and can give good content, then maybe the response of your video is better than my video. In the same way, you have to see on YouTube which topics have not been covered on YouTube yet you guys must cover these topics because there is no competition. 

Then you guys have to see what's in the trending on youtube, a good YouTuber that's always following the trend.

It is also important to note that this work requires patience. It doesn't happen that you uploaded a video today and millions of views came on this video overnight but it can also happen if your video goes viral.

Bring Followers to YouTube


Here's a tip for you guys if you already have an account on Instagram and have ten to fifteen thousand followers on it right now so you can succeed very quickly. 

And if you have an account on TikTok, you can bring followers to YouTube from there. Similarly, if you have a Facebook page or a group you can bring followers to YouTube from there. 

But it is important to keep in mind that your topic is the same as the ones you brought to YouTube,
For example, your channel is all about technology, and your followers are just related to cooking.
If that's the case, people will not come to your channel because they will have an interest in the cooking topics and you are calling them on technology topics.

Editing Skills


In order to upload videos to YouTube, you must be proficient in editing. For example, after uploading videos, you also have to create a thumbnail that you can't create without any skills. For this purpose let me suggest you a software called Canva. This is an online software where you can create your own thumbnail as well as many more features.



If you do all these things, you will become a good YouTuber within six months. I guarantee you that if you work on your YouTube channel as a business, you will be successful. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to do it part-time you can do it full time if you are proficient in your field.
You guys will definitely create your own YouTube channel because the time to come is only for videos I hope you liked today's post. If you liked this post, don't forget to share it.
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